D&L Industries, Inc. (D&L) is the parent company of Chemrez Technologies, Inc.

D&L started its operations in 1963 by outsourcing colorants and supplying them to the plastic industry to which they also offered color-matching services. 

By the time it was incorporated in 1971, D&L had diversified into the manufacture, marketing and distribution of colorants, various chemicals and additives, serving the requirement of the plastic, paint and ink industries. 

In 1985, D&L Industries, Inc. started spinning-off its manufacturing and marketing activities into separate companies. 

In 2006, Corro-coat, Inc. acquired its affiliate, Chemrez, Inc. The combined companies are now known as Chemrez Technologies, Inc. Chemrez Technologies Inc. now operates the Philippine’s first continuous-process biodiesel plant. 

Chemrez distinguishes itself by investing in research and product development, new technology and human resources.