Adjuvant Activ AJ32E

Emulsifiable Oil

Adjuvant Activ AJ32E is anew generation organic spray oil, combining high biodegradability andexcellent wetting and spreading characteristics. It is produced through a special fractionation process to ensure product stability and crop tolerance. The product  is typical methylated seed oil that is considered by the US EPA and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as ^Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS).

It is an emulsifiable oil concentrate formulated for use as banana  spray oil in combination with fungicide spray preparations without the need of adding extra surfactant. It enhances the wetting, spreading and sticking properties of the fungicide spray thereby ensuring excellent coverage of the hard to wet waxy surface of the leaves leading to a more efficient control of Black Sigatoka disease in banana.


The built-in emulsifier/surfactant allows the products to be mixed directly with water. The resulting oil and water emulsion will reduce the surface tension of the two allowing them to combine physically. The gross decrease of the interfacia tension of the water and oil mixture enhances the wetting and spreading of the nowlipophilic spray mixture (oil-water emulsion) onto hydrophobic waxy (lipid) leaf surface.

Activ AJ32E is a spray oil concentrate with a proper balance of nonionic surfactants. It is compatible with the most pesticide spray mixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • Environment-Friendly: Low-Environmental impact and easily biodegradable.
  • Organic: Derived from 100% edible plant source and also used in lubricating food-processing equipment.
  • Lipophilic: Strong wetting and spreading agent for effective deposition of spray oil in hard to wet waxy plant surfaces.
  • Built-in Surfactants: "One-shot mix" without the need of adding extra surfactant in the spray mixture.
  • Safe: Plant source is edible, generally regarded as safe by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Exempted from tolerance: Exempted from regulatory tolerance requirements.
  • Fungistatic and Antimicrobial: Effective by itself against germinating spores and bacterial pathogens.
  • Non-Persistent: Short residual effect, long enough to allow time window for foliar spray treatment to take full effect.


Available in: 4-liter bottle, 20-liter pail, 200-liter drums, flexibags and isotanks