POLYCOL 03-107

Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Body Fillers and Putties

Polycol 03-107 is a high molecular weight unsaturated modified ortho-terephthalic polyester resin especially designed for use in the manufacture of body fillers and other putties for benzoyl peroxide cure. Its toughness properties is designed and chemically balanced to substantially reduce the internal and external cure cracks of the patch compounds. It is fast curing which results in early sandability time. It has also excellent shelf life at ambient temperature below 30°C.


Polycol 03-107 is recommended for use in the following:

  • Body Fillers
  • Putties

Features & Benefits

  • High molecular weight which allows finished products to have enough and resilient mechanical properties while maintaining a cost effectiveness similar to that obtained with orthophthalic grade resin.
  • Excellent mechanical properties than general-purpose orthophthalic base resin.
  • Extended shelf life of minimum 12 months making inventory control easier compared to orthophthalic grade resin which has a maximum shelf life of only 6 months.
  • Fast and full cure in laminates, thus increasing production output.
  • Excellent bonding strength which enables excellent adhesion to different substrate and superior interlaminar adhesion.


Polycol 03-107 is packed in steel drums of standard size at 220 kilograms net weight.