POLYCOL 03-113

Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Polycol 03-113 is a high molecular weight unsaturated modified ortho-terepthalic type polyester resin which is highly reactive and fast curing. It is unwaxed and unpromoted with high viscosity which can be reduced with styrene monomer of up to 30% depending on application requirement. It is suitable for use in the manufacture of industrial fiberglass reinforced plastics and castings.


Polycol 03-113 is recommended for use by hand lay-up technique in the following:

  • General industrial fiberglass reinforced plastics
  • Various casting objects such as fishing boats, yachts, fish holds, water tanks, pipes, cooling towers, telephone booths, bus shelters, figurine castings and others.

Features & Benefits

  • High molecular weight which allows finished products to have tough and resilient mechanical properties while maintaining a cost effectiveness similar to that obtained with orthophthalic grade resin.
  • Excellent mechanical properties without the brittleness normally associated with rigid resins making is suitable for applications where structural and mechanical strength are needed.
  • Extended shelf life of 12 months making inventory control easier compared to orthophthalic grade resin which has a maximum shelf life of only 6 months.
  • Fast and full cure which enables early development of Barcol Hardness, thus, increasing production output.


Polycol Polyester resin is packed in steel drums of standard size, containing 220 kilos in net weight.