POLYCOL 03-025

Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Polycol 03-025 is a rigid, clear & low color polyeter resin with medium gellation time, medium reactivity and low exothermic reaction. It is clear when using ACTIV CLEARCAT promoter.
Upon the addition of ACTIV CLEARCAT Cobalt, it is clear and almost water-white in color and viscous liquid


Polycol 03-025 is specifically formulated for unfilled and filled casting applications where the light color of cured resin is required.

  • Excellent clarity and high light transmission
  • Good Mechanical Properties
  • Reducible with Styrene Monomer
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low exothermic reaction
  • Clear water-white on cured resin

Features & Benefits

  • High Solids & viscosity - Can be reduced with styrene monomer of up to 30%.
  • Good mechanical properties - Fiberglass reinforced plastics made with this resin possess good mechanical property and have good rigidity and outstanding durability.
  • Extremely fast wet out on fiberglass mat.
  • Fast and full cure which enables early development of Barcol Hardness, thus, increasing production output.


Polycol polyester resin is packed in steel drums of standard size, containing 220 kilos in net weight.