WATER EXTENDABLE Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

Polycol Aqua 135, a product of a breakthrough technology, is an unsaturated polyester resin that can be extended with tap water of up to 20% without affecting its mechanical properties. Water takes the place of styrene monomer. It is specially designed and chemically balanced to substantially reduced the exothermic reaction and to exhibit fast curing properties. It is pre-promoted.


Polycol Aqua 135 is recommended for use by hand lay-up technique in the following:

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics.
  • Various casting products and FRP laminate such as bus shelters, fish hold, bath tubs, flower pots, solid castings, table tops and others.

Features & Benefits

  • High molecular weight which allows finished products to have enough and resilient mechanical properties while maintaining a cost effectiveness similar to that obtained with orthophthalic grade resin.
  • Good mechanical properties which are comparable to general-purpose orthophthalic resin.
  • Extended shelf life of 12 months making inventory control easier compared to orthophthalic grade resin which has a maximum shelf life of only 6 months.
  • Fast and full cure in laminates, thus increasing production output.
  • Water reducible of up to 20% which minimizes styrene emission, lowers peak exotherm prolonging useful of silicone rubber molds, reduces cost dramatically and make Polycol Aqua 135 environment-friendly.


Polycol Aqua 135 is packed in steel drums of standard size at 220 kilograms net weight.