Drilling Mud

A plant -based ester with viscosities lighter than or equal to mineral diesel fuel. As a low viscosity ester, it surpasses the many benefits  of traditional synthetic base mud (SBM). It combines the environment-friendly feature of  water-based mud (WBM)  and the superb lubricity feature of diesel or oil - based mud (OBM) into one.


For all types of oil  and geothermal drilling. 

Features & Benefits

  • Superb lubricity and therefore promotes faster drilling rate resulting in lower drilling cost.
  • Excellent detergency to provide  good  borehole cleaning   since  it  is emulsified  with environ- ment friendly surfactant.
  • Being 100% natural ester, it is totally non aromatic.
  • Non-toxic on inhalation and does not cause skin irritation. Biodegradable with no toxicity to marine organisms.
  • For off-shore drilling, the high cost of “ship to shore” transport of spent-mud and cuttings for inland disposal is eliminated. (The spent-ester-mud and cuttings can be safely discharged into the sea bed without toxic effect on marine species.)


Available in: 200L drum and bulk.