DISPERSOL O-250 is an organic and non-aromatic solvent . It can be used in the formulation of wax, paraffin dispersants/inhibitors and pour point depressant. 


It is a solvent that can be used in the formulation of paraffin dispersants, wax inhibitors, paraffin dissolvers, pour point depressants and demulsifiers. It is safe to use, a biodegradable and environment friendly substitute for methanol, toluene, diesel , xylene and other similar solvents

Features & Benefits

  • Superior stability against oxidation
  • Compatible with most active ingredients used in the formulation of Wax and Paraffin dispersants and crystal modifiers.
  • Biodegradable
  • Enhances the formulation of wax and paraffin dispersants and crystal modifiers due to its solvency and lubricity properties.
  • Higher flash point than diesel and other aromatic solvents
  • Low pour point of up to -20C 
  • It is non-flammable and non-irritant ,  making it safe to use, transport and store.


It can be purchased in bulk and 200L drum. Special packing can be arranged.