The Chemrez Green Chemistry Award was given to KNOxOut Paint of Pacific Paint (Boysen ) Philippines Inc. in recognition of the develknoxout pic thmbopment of  what is claimed as the worlds first air cleaning paint. Organized by the Department of Science and Technology , the award was given last November, 2009 at the Philippine Trade and Training Center in Metro Manila in line with the National Invention Week program.


Air pollution is a major problem confronting many cities in the world which according to the World Health Organization resulted in the deaths of three million people, annually. Metro Manila is no exception as one out of every eight premature deaths is attributable to air pollution. In an air pollution study conducted recently, heavily used highways and intersections have shown high levels of as much as 200 micrograms of nitrogen oxides or NOx in the street level which is five times over the safe level set by the World Health Organization. Mostly generated by vehicle emissions, NOx are highly reactive gases that can cause hazardous effects on health and environment.

Recognizing this challenge, several companies have launched their ‘environmental’ programs.One such company, Pacific Paint (Boysen) Inc. took leadership in developing an ’air cleaning’ paint based on a specially designed proprietary photocatalytic titanium dioxide. This causes breakdown of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) via free radical mechanism and converting them into a compound that could be adsorbed by the paint surface.

In the world’s largest air cleaning paint trial, Boysen KNOxOUT was painted at the Guadalupe Metrorail station , a major stop-over point along the busiest highway in Metro Manila. Results of the trial showed that this station and the surrounding embankment which were painted with Boysen KNOxOUT had succeeded in cleaning the air pollutants exhausted by 30,000 vehicles per day, making the Guadalupe study the biggest air cleaning exercise in the world! To support this development, a Swedish environmental project management team , Conexo was commissioned to undertake the study. About 18 passive samplers were positioned in an area of high density pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These samples were then analyzed at the Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry(PIPAC) at the Ateneo de Manila University. Early results indicated a significant reduction in nitrogen oxides pollutants extrapolated at 1.3 tons of nitrogen oxide pollutants per year removed from the air in the area.

Boysen’s Vice President, Johnson Ongking indicated that their KNOxOut Paint removes volatile organic compounds(VOC’s) from the atmosphere , as well thus earning its reclassification as an ‘eco-active’ paint category in addition to being ‘eco-friendly’.

On the other hand , recognizing the importance of environmental concerns, Chemrez Technologies Inc. has elevated ‘environmental contributions’ into its core strategies. An active program is now in place to make various Chemrez products , environmentally conformable and acceptable. It has positioned its R&D labs , which is one of the best in the region , to support this development.

Another program which was put in place, is entitled the Chemrez Green Chemistry Award in coordination with the Philippine ’s Department Of Science and Technology. This recognizes the various development efforts and programs of companies or entities to help address environmental concerns and enhance population’s environmental living conditions. Green Chemistry is the use and design of chemical products and/ or chemical processes that reduce or eliminate the employment or generation of substances, directly or as a by-product that are hazardous to human health or the ecosphere.

Chemrez Tech Inc is constantly searching for ways to contribute to the enhancement of environmental living conditions and is proud to hand the Green Chemistry Award to Boysen’s KNOxOUT paint . As Mr. Redentor Hipolito, R&D Manager and one of the Awards judges, indicated ; “ Boysen pioneered the development and launching of ‘air cleaning paint’ in the Philippines and for this , we are truly happy and proud to present this award to them.And we hope that this will pave the way for the development of ‘more environmental’ products in the future.”