Aquasol Black 0010

Concentrated Pigment Dispersion for Aqueous Architectural Paints

Aquasol Black 0010 is a high strength Carbon Black water-based pigment dispersion used in tinting in-plant water based architectural paints. This dispersion is stringently controlled in color shade, strength, and gravimetric accuracy.


It is used for in-plant tinting of waterbased architectural paints.

Features & Benefits

  • Pigment is well dispersed, resulting to maximum color value and compatibility with waterbased architectural paints. 
  • High color strength, which yields lower tinting cost and preserves paint performance properties.
  • Cleaner shade and undertone, allows more accurate color matches for a wide color selection.
  • Better light fastness, which lasts longer when used in exterior application as compared with other organic interior pigment dispersion 
  • Gravimetric accuracy is stringently controlled, for consistent and accurate shade production 
  • Gravimetrically controlled, which fits in-plant tinting of waterbased architectural paints.


This product is packed in plastic pail, 20kgs / pail. Special packing can be arranged.