62100 SERIES

Low VOC and APE Free Universal Colorant

A high strength Low VOC / Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate free colorant which form part of a tinting system for latex and alkyd architectural paint. Using quality pigments, these colorants are designed for manual and automatic Point – Of- ale dispensing machines with color shade, strength and volumetric accuracy are controlled stringently.


It is used in in-plant and POS tinting in either water or alkyd-based architectural paints. 

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent compatibility in either latexor alkyd enamel paints allowing for wider latitude in base paint formulation. 
  • Low VOC and APE Free, which makes it environment-friendly. 
  • High color strength and hiding power which yields lower tinting cost and preserves paint performance properties
  • Auto-Machine dispensable, exhibiting rheology ideal for smooth and accurate dispensing suitable for volumetric dispensing machines.
  • Cleaner shade allows more accurate color matches for a wide color selection. 
  • Part of a colorant system, which covers the full range of color spectrum and enables exact color matches with the lowest cost of tinting. 


ChromaFresh is packed in plastic canisters at 1-liter net volume. Special packing can be arranged.