ChromaPlus Bright Yellow

Universal Colorants

ChromaPlus Bright Yellow is a binder and ethylene glycol-free greenish yellow Mono Azo Yellow (P.Y. 74) pigment preparation, compatible with both latex and alkyd enamel architectural paints. It is machine dispensable and whose color shade, strength and volumetric accuracy are stringently controlled.


It is used in in-plant and point-of sale tinting of both water and alkyd-based architectural paints.

Features & Benefits

  • Exhibits excellent compatibility in latex and alkyd paint bases
  • Ethylene Glycol-free
  • High color strength
  • Formulated to be machine dispensable
  • Pigment dispersed to achieve maximum color yield and performance
  • Color shade, strength and volumetric accuracy stringently controlled


This product is packed in plastic canisters at 1 liter net volume. Special packing can be arranged.