RBD Coconut Oil is prepared from carefully selected and processed crude coconut oil. It has undergone special refining process to remove all impurities and provide light colour and good resistance to oxidation


RBD Coconut Oil is high lauric oil. It is a major raw material in oleochemicals to prepare fatty acides, fatty alcohols, fatty amines, ethoxyated fatty acids, fatty alkanolamides and fatty acid methyl ester and similar products. It can also be used to produce glycerine and biodiesel.

Features & Benefits

  • Entirely derived from naturally occuring vegetable oil with no preservative added.
  • Superior stability that prevents rancidity during  storage.
  • Light colour keeping the best quality of the finished product.
  • Free of allergens and non-GMO for wider acceptance and use.


It can be purchased in bulk and 200L drum. Special packing can be arranged.