Fil-Ester 810

C8-C10 Methyl Ester

Chemrez Fil-Ester 810 is a mixture of Methyl Octanoate and Methyl Decanoate having carbon lenghts from C6C12 where the C8 & C10 are the dominant carbon chains. It is a clear liquid under ambient condition with a musty odor. Chemrez Fil-Ester 810 is entirely manufactured from naturally occuring vegetable oils.


End-use applications for Fil-Ester 810 include soapmaking, chlorinated lubricants, PEG esters, cutting oils, aviation lubricants, amides, defoamers, gear oils, ink solvents, isoprophyl esters, methyl ester sulfonates (MES), rolling oils, sulphurized lubricants, metal working fluids, low-VOC solvents, solvents for paint removal, production of plasticizers, stabilizers, resins, perfumery & flavorings.

Features & Benefits

  • Entirely derived from naturally occuring vegetable oil with no preservatives or additives added.
  • Superior stability that prevents rancidity during long storage.
  • It is naturally biodegradable & non-irritant making it safe during handling & storage
  • Free of allergens and non-GMO for wider acceptance of use.


It can be purchased in bulk & 200L drum. Special packing can be arranged.