Fil - Ester 1218

C12 - C18 Methyl Esters

Chemrez Fil-Ester 1218 is a mixture of C12 to C18 methyl esters. It is a clear liquid under condition with a musty odor. Chemrez Fil-Ester 1218 is entirely manufactured from naturally occuring vegetable oils.


End-use applications for Fil-Ester 1218 include amides, betaines, amphoacetates, methyl ester sulphonates (MES), PEG Esters, Fatty Alcohols, Specal Esters, Plasticizers, low-VOC Solvents and metallic soaps.

Features & Benefits

  • Entirely derived from naturally occuring vegetable ol with no preservatives or additives added
  • Superior stability that prevents rancidity during long storage
  • It is naturally biodegradable & non-irritant making it safe during handling & storage
  • free of allergens and non-GMO for wider acceptance of use


It can be purchased in bulk & 200L drum. Special packing can be arranged.