Fil-Amide 182

Coco Diethalonamide

Chemrez Fatty Alkanolamides commonly termed as Coco Diethanolamide (CDEA) is offered in two variants, Fil-Amide 182 and Fil-Amide 182M. It is manufactured from highly refined Coconut Oil giving its light color and low odor ideal in most soaps & detergents and shampoos formulations as a foam booster and foam stabilizer. Fil-Amide 182 or Fil-Amide 182M has a built-in emollient character giving a smoother skin feel to most of its applications.


Fil-Amide 182 or Fil-Amide 182M is very ideal to use in most liquid and lotion shampoos, body wash and bubble bath, liquid soap and detergents as foam booster and stabilizer, viscosity builder and skin conditioner.

Features & Benefits

  • High purity Coco Diethanolamide for excellent foaming and cleaning property
  • Built-in emollient character for smoother skin feeling
  • Light color and low odor adding aesthetic appeal to end applications
  • Free of allergens and non-GMO for wider acceptance of use


It can be purchased in 200L drum. Special packing can be arranged.