Fil-Amide 190

High Purity Coco Diethanolamide

Chemrez High Purity Fatty Alkanolamides commonly termed as Coco Diethanolamide (CDEA) is offered in two variants, Fil-Amide 190 and Fil-Amide 190M. It is manufactured from highly refined Coconut Oil giving its light color and low odor ideal in most soaps & detergents and shampoos formulations as a foam booster and foam stabilizer. Fil-Amide 190 or Fil-Amide 190M has alkanolamide content of 90% minimum.


Fil-Amide 190 or Fil-Amide 190M is very ideal to use in most liquid and lotion shampoos, body wash and bubble bath, liquid soap and detergents as foam booster and stabilizer.

Features & Benefits

  • High purity of 90% minimum Coco Diethanolamide for excellent foaming and cleaning property
  • Superior foaming stability for excellent cleaning action.
  • Light color and low odor adding aesthetic appeal to end applications
  • Free of allergens and non-GMO for wider acceptance of use


It can be purchased in 200L drum. Special packing can be arranged.