BioSol Cleanser

Biosol Quick Break and Dispersant Cleanser

BioSol Cleanser is a concentrated environment friendly, plant based cleaner and degreaser. Its main ingredient consist of predominantly short carbon chain esters that makes it effective in breaking heavy hydrocarbon molecules like fuel oil, asphalts, oil & grease into fine particle and loosening their stickness for ease in cleansing.


Biosol Cleanser is effective for cleaning storage tanks, machineries, equipments, motors, air conditioning units, as well as oily and greasy floors such as service bays of gasoline stations, motor pools, garages and engine rooms of power plants. It is highly recommended for cleaning Heavy Fuel Oil Tanks, stained surfaces and recovering bunker sludge.

BioSol Cleanser has two (2) variants- Quick-Break which makes the washwater flocculate for easy seperation. It is ideal for facilities with skimmers and oil-water seperators. Oil & grease will "break" from the wash water allowing the oil to be recovered or skimmed off easily. Dispersant is applicable for applications where washwater has to be discharged into open waterways without passing through oil-water seperators. BioSol Dispersant Cleanser will emulsify the oil into tiny particles for efficient dispersion into water for fast decomposition by bacteria and sunlight.

Features & Benefits

  • Biodegradble and harmless to the environment
  • Non-toxic, no irritating smell and harmless to human skin
  • Cleans better and faster than diesel, kerosene and detergents, thus shortens cleaning time
  • Cuts dthe viscosity of heavy oils and agglomerates
  • Effective for dissolving and recovering bunker sludge and agglomeration in Fuel oil tanks
  • Easy to rinse, thus requiring less water for washing


It can be purchased in bulk, 200L drum, 20L pail.  Special packaging may be arranged.