BioSolve Spill Rx

BioSolvent & Oil Spill Dispersant

BioSolve Spill Rx has been developed by Chemrez to quickly respond to hydrocation spill with untmost concern on safety of the environment and the responding team. BioSolve Spill Rx is a unique, plant based, non hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable formulation that expedites the removal of spilled Hydrocarbon Oils. It works by microemulsifying and reducing hydrocarbon compounds into extremely small particles by breaking up surface oil slicks and disperses the oil as fine droplets into the water column.


BioSolve Spill Rx can be use to clean up oil spills along shorelines including breakwaters, bulkheads and piers with marine life that trapped or adsorbed oil; Coarse sand beaches where the petroleum has penetrated into subsurface; Marsh areas, wetlands and mangrovers where oil is trapped in vegetation; Gravel and rocky shorlines where stranded oil has become inaccessible; Public fisheries, hatchers, estuaries and other ecologically sensitive areas.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Plant based, Zero petroleum solvent formulation
  • Biodegradable enhancing biodegradation of residual petroleum hydrocarbon
  • Can be use as concentrated or diluted for quick dispersal of many types of oils
  • High volume stock for quicker response during massive oil spills
  • Philippine Coast Gurad Accredited & Tested by Industrial Technology Development institute to be non-irritant & non-toxic


It can be purchased in 200L drum or 20L pail. Special packaging can be arranged.