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    Melrose breaks new ground in Australia with unique MCT oils

    When Melrose, a pioneering health food company in Australia, was looking for ways to expand its coconut range, Chemrez provided a solution that was as easy as M.C.T. Despite the company’s success for the past three decades, it needed more product innovations. Chemrez Technologies, Inc. offered them something they needed: sustainably sourced and very unique MCT oils that provide a multitude of health benefits.

    When Melrose Health, a Melbourne-based pioneering health food company in Australia, was looking for ways to expand its coconut range, the solution was to be found in specialty nutritional oils extracted from coconut meat. Since 1979, the company has been offering innovative health food options with natural and organic ingredients. They were the first to offer odourless fish oil and virgin coconut oil in Australia.

    Despite the company’s success for the past three decades, it had to offer more innovation to an even more demanding consumer. A change in management led them to inject new business ideas to their existing portfolio. Melrose was, in fact, no stranger to novel food ideas. They needed a more sustainable product to clearly set the pace again as the leader in the health food segment.

    In 2017, a cold call from Chemrez Technologies, Inc. led to a new business idea, one that posed so much potential in growing the Melrose business—and they were very eager to learn more. Melrose was keen in solidifying their position as a pioneer in coconut oil-based foods by extending their product range. Being in the industry for so long, they knew there was a strong following for coconut oil in Australia.

    Chemrez presented a comprehensive portfolio of coconut-derived goods, from refined coconut oil, coconut soaps and other personal care products. The product line was strategized to gain momentum as it was launched, progressing from one product to another. Given the growing awareness for ketogenic diet and healthy fats, Chemrez posed a question: Was Melrose interested in carrying sustainably-sourced MCT oil?

    It was a “Eureka!” moment for both: MCT oil was what Melrose was looking for and Chemrez happened to offer them something they needed. Australia is one of the first countries in the world to shy away from all things using palm oil as ingredient. Previously, the MCT oil Melrose offered was palm-based, with associated negative ecological effects. They were excited to discover a much better choice in sustainably farmed MCT oil from Philippine coconuts.

    Even new to them was the fact that MCT oil is a good source of ketones. Hearing from Chemrez its function as a natural fuel for the brain and body made them realize the vast potential coconut-based MCT oil held. They got even more engaged when they learned how MCT oil aids in weight loss, including its curative effects on those suffering from cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s’ disease, Parkinson’s disease, and forms of dementia.

    Three 100% MCT oil variants were presented to Melrose: Chemrez did not just offer coconut-derived MCTs. The pioneering differentiator was the inclusion of Caproic Acid and Lauric Acid. Chemrez is the only company in the world to produce such unique MCT oils. These innovations gave Melrose the opportunity to excite Australians again with market firsts. These MCT variants were created by Chemrez to target specific nutritional needs of individuals by controlling ketone release over time. With these, Melrose can take another first-to-market positioning. After Chemrez shared the marketing strategy, they branded it as Melrose MCT oil. It was launched in less than five months. A website was created just for Melrose MCT at www.melrosemct.com.au.

    Chemrez had another ready innovation that was timely for what Melrose needed. What started as an unsolicited sales call created a Blue Ocean opportunity. Melrose MCT is now a thriving, pioneering business in Australia. From the humble coconut oil, Chemrez used its R&D staff and resources to create opportunities—continuing its mission of enriching the lives of many by creating only exceptional, sustainable, and innovative products.


    Medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are a specific type of dietary fats extracted from the healthiest portion of coconut oil. Chemrez Technologies, Inc. utilizes a patented method of fractionation to produce MCT oil. This process removes the unhealthy long chain triglycerides and foreign bodies (including possible carcinogens) also found in refined coconut oil.
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