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    Chemrez: Enrichment through partner innovation

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    We use sustainable sources to produce only high quality ingredients as we do our share in helping preserve the environment and provide continuous livelihood to Filipino communities. As we strive to deliver excellence, our products have reached many corners of the globe though our advanced, reliable and efficient manufacturing facilities, and a strong workforce of professional formulators and scientists, creating a more sustainable environment today and for future generations.
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    Spearheading the green chemistry movement

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    Understanding that chemical manufacturing possesses a stigma from the its perceived risks to our health and the environment, Dean Lao Jr., Chemrez’ Managing Director, decided that the company needed to change this impression and to look inward for change. This got the ball rolling on Chemrez’ dynamic program to educate the public that chemicals can be friendly to people and the environment.
    Our News
    Embracing Green Solutions with Ultraplus 62100 & 63100: Low VOC and APE Free Colorants What are Sustainable Paint Colorants?   As we take our steps towards a more sustainable and circular economy, products are being developed with the end in mind. In the paint industry, one of these products is paint colorants that are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes or materials while minimizing their impact on human health and […] Read More
    NMPA: Safeguarding Beauty and Personal Care The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) is a regulatory authority in China that ensures the safety, efficacy, and quality of medical products, including those in the beauty and personal care industry. Chemrez, a trusted provider of clean and sustainable ingredients, proudly lists its products with the NMPA. This certification guarantees that Chemrez’s products, which are […] Read More
    Savonel 874: A Green, Safe & Eco-friendly Surfactant for Household Cleaning Products Savonel® 874 is an anionic surfactant that is an excellent cleaning active for home care applications. It is coconut-derived and safe to use in rinse-off products. It also provides good foaming ability, color protection on clothes, and stain removal. Read More
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    Being a Hero is Human Nature

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    "We're really happy to have found Chemrez, which has a lot in common with Human Nature in terms of our advocacy and values."

    Anna Meloto-Wilk, Human Nature

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