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    First-of-its-kind liquid coconut cooking oil developed for Carrington Farms

    US natural foods company Carrington Farms wanted a better alternative to cold-pressed coconut cooking oil which tended to solidify in cooler temperatures. Chemrez rose up to the challenge and offered them something unprecedented: a coconut oil that stays liquid. As it became commercial, word of an odor-free, flavour-free, and easily pourable coconut cooking oil that stays liquid spread like wildfire. Liquid coconut oil paved the way for Chemrez to offer nutritional products worldwide.

    In 2014, a quick business trip to the Philippines by a Carrington Farms executive paved the way for a distinctly new concept in coconut cooking oil. Cold-pressed coconut oil naturally solidified in colder temperatures. It had to be scooped out from wide-mouthed jars which made cooking more taxing. They knew that Chemrez had the technical know-how and experience in the production of coconut-based products. Chemrez harnessed its extensive R&D resources to produce a now tangible liquid coconut oil.

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    We Build and They Will Come Begin with a superior product.  Develop a vision for the future.  Be resilient, so as to weather the ups and downs of a changing market.  Be there first when a new opportunity opens up.  This is the formula by which Dean & Leon live by.  This is the maxim by which Chemrez thrives to this day. Read More
    Our Passion for Innovation Creating new, customized and relevant products for our clients does not happen overnight. This is something everyone at Chemrez understands and takes to heart. Read More
    Chemrez and PCA hold outreach activity for Lucban school kids Chemrez Technologies, Inc., in partnership with the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)-Quezon 1 office, held an outreach activity last December 2018 at the Piis Elementary School with the theme “Share the Love to Bring Joy”. Read More
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    Laurin: Our Story

    Making the most of what nature can give. Laurin is a premium all-natural CocoMCT®-based oil, a high quality product that delivers better nutrition, lifestyle, and quality of life. Laurin is the modern coconut oil—it’s the very goodness of coconut in its most concentrated form. Extracted to its purest form, Laurin CocoMCT® is light, flavorfree and always liquid. Nothing is added, only the healthy portion of the oil is retained.
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