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    Chemrez: Enrichment through partner innovation

    We use sustainable sources to produce only high quality ingredients as we do our share in helping preserve the environment and provide continuous livelihood to Filipino communities. As we strive to deliver excellence, our products have reached many corners of the globe though our advanced, reliable and efficient manufacturing facilities, and a strong workforce of professional formulators and scientists, creating a more sustainable environment today and for future generations.

    In 1963, a group of industrial innovators started D&L Industries, which paved the way for the birth of Chemrez Technologies in 2006.

    Through the continuous evolution and innovation of their various products, D&L diversified into the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of colorants, various chemicals and additives, serving the requirement of the plastic, paint and ink industries.

    Chemrez Inc. was acquired by fellow D&L subsidiary Corro-Coat, Inc. to form what is now known as Chemrez Technologies Inc. which operates the Philippines’ first continuous- process biodiesel plant.

    Through the leadership of various innovators, and the continued passion for research and development, Chemrez has distinguished itself as a partner that provides effective innovative solutions that enrich customer business and deliver growth.


    We’re a member of D&L Industries.

    D&L Industries is a dynamic industrial group founded in 1963, providing vast resources and experiences in various technologies and industries.

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    Chemrez and D&L Industries

    Together, Chemrez and D&L Industries have built a strong line of products.

    D&L Industries is a Filipino company which through the years evolved from being a chemical trader to manufacturer with state-of- the-art product development capabilities. The company’s principal business activities include manufacturing of customized food ingredients, specialty raw materials for plastics, and oleochemicals for personal and home care use.

    Chemrez Technologies Inc. operates under D&L Industries as the Philippine’s first continuous process biodiesel plant; integrated oleo-chemical for chemical specialities, and manufactures and sells powder coatings and resins.


    The Lao Foundation

    With the mission of “framing minds, forming hearts and transforming lives”, the Lao Foundation Inc. hopes to build and strengthen its neighbor communities towards leadership and excellence.

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    Corporate Vision and Mission

    Great companies are built on great foundations.

    Our Vision

    To excel and be the leader in the industries we serve.

    Our Mission

    Chemrez Technologies, Inc. is focused on developing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest quality of resins, oleochemicals, and specialty products that are effective and cost-efficient, without sacrificing ethical standards. We make this possible through the spirit of collaboration between our clients, partners, and employees.

    "As one of the leading innovators in the country, we strive for greatness in everything that we do." - Dean Lao Jr., Managing Director

    Corporate Culture

    We believe that progress and development can be realized only through the collaborative efforts of each member of our organization. We dedicate ourselves to meeting customers' expectations and needs by providing them the best value from our innovative products and services. We have the passion for excellence in conducting our business.

    Corporate Philosophy

    Our innovative products are developed through continuous research and innovation. New technologies are regularly incorporated to improve product performance and manufacturing processes. Our resources continue to be expanded and strengthened and every development is in response to you, our business partner.

    Customer Care

    We work hand in hand with our partners to identify and meet their needs, from conceptualization to commercialization. Our after-sales services include regular visits from personnel, and troubleshooting our customers' problems regarding raw materials, production process, machine, product applications or even product design.