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    Savonel 874: A Green, Safe & Eco-friendly Surfactant for Household Cleaning Products

    Savonel® 874 is an anionic surfactant that is an excellent cleaning active for home care applications. It is coconut-derived and safe to use in rinse-off products. It also provides good foaming ability, color protection on clothes, and stain removal.

    Most household cleaning products contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These cleaning agents are widely used due to their cheaper costs than other surfactants and effectiveness in removing dirt and grease.

    However, studies have shown that prolonged contact with SLS or SLES has caused skin irritation.1 The byproduct formed during the production process of SLES is 1,4-Dioxane, which in high concentrations, have been found to be carcinogenic – which means it can cause cancer to humans.2

    Furthermore, commonly-used SLES is an ethoxylated surfactant containing carbon molecules derived from petroleum. Concerns have risen since the sulfate production of these petroleum-based products has long-term side effects such as greenhouse gases which cause pollution and consequently, climate change.

    Enter a greener and safer alternative: Savonel® 874 (Potassium Cocoate). Derived from sustainable coconut, biodegradable and safe to use, Savonel® 874 is a highly effective surfactant in removing dirt and grease.3

    SAVONEL® 874

    INCI Name: Potassium Cocoate


    Savonel® 874 is a coconut-derived anionic surfactant that is excellent to use for household cleaning products. Even when derived from nature, Savonel® 874 has an impressive foaming ability and has been proven to be excellent in removing not just soil but also food stain and grease. It is in line with the “water is the next luxury” trend since it conserves water due to its fast-rinsing property. Savonel® 874 has a built-in moisturizer that nourishes your skin even with prolonged use.



    Using the Ross-Miles Foam Analyzer, the foam height of both 12% of SLES and 12% Savonel® 874 was measured.

    As shown in the chart above, the study has proven that Savonel® 874 generates significantly higher foam height than SLES.



    The viscosity of Savonel® 874 can reach up to more than 12,000 cPs in laundry formulations using salt.



    The laboratory test above demonstrates how laundry that contains Savonel® 874, produces whiter clothes than the placebo and results in comparable whiteness with the liquid laundry benchmark sample.



    Laundry detergent with Savonel® 874 has the highest tensile strength among the samples.



    Laundry detergent with Savonel® 874  can remove stains better than other synthetic and natural liquid detergents.



    Denim clothes have a risk of fading color due to frequent washing. Based on the above result, laundry with Savonel® 874 has the lowest color difference among the samples.   This means that clothes are better protected with Savonel 874 than any synthetic laundry detergent that claims to have any color protection benefit.






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