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    Post Pandemic: On-the-go Travel Essentials Formulations (Video)

    Create easy formulations using Cocopure SP501, also known as “Cocolatum”. With its extra moisturizing property, this versatile ingredient is best used as a formulation base for skin care and cosmetic products. Cocolatum is completely petroleum and palm-free and is guaranteed made with sustainable ingredients.

    The world is starting to heal from the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of borders are opening already, and everyone is eager to explore and go on trips again. Whether you are travelling for business reasons, going on a much-needed vacation or visiting relatives, let’s remember to bring essential products that can ensure a stress-free and comfy experience.



    In this video, let us show you the three (3) pocket-size travel essentials you can make using Cocopure SP501:

    Tip: These products also make cool, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones!

    Have a grand time this holiday season!


    Want to know the full formulation details?

    Click the following link to view and download the formulations.

    Anti-dizzy Balm

    Lip & Cheek Tint

    Body Balm


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