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    Natural & Sustainable Moisturizing Butter | Cerin® CB100

    Cerin® CB100 or Coconut Butter is the natural emollient derived from coconut that addresses formulators’ concerns. With a rich and soothing texture, coconut butter is light in color and leaves no coconut smell and non-greasy feel. It will not affect the properties of lotion and cream products, allowing formulators to have more flexibility in formulating.

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    Natural Emollient and Excellent UV Filter Solubilizer | Cocopure® EMOL 500 Cocopure® EMOL 500 is an ECOCERT ingredient derived from sustainable coconut. It can effectively disperse and suspend organic UV Filters, which is an essential step in formulating sunscreens. Read More
    Mild, Natural and Sustainable Rinse-off Formulations with SAVONEL 869 A vast improvement from most rinse-off formulations, SAVONEL 869 with its excellent cleansing and moisturizing ability is a notch above the rest with its COSMOS-certified and sustainable ingredients that ensure the protection of the environment. Read More
    We Build and They Will Come Begin with a superior product.  Develop a vision for the future.  Be resilient, so as to weather the ups and downs of a changing market.  Be there first when a new opportunity opens up.  This is the formula by which Dean & Leon live by.  This is the maxim by which Chemrez thrives to this day. Read More
    Our Passion for Innovation Creating new, customized and relevant products for our clients does not happen overnight. This is something everyone at Chemrez understands and takes to heart. Read More
    Chemrez and PCA hold outreach activity for Lucban school kids Chemrez Technologies, Inc., in partnership with the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)-Quezon 1 office, held an outreach activity last December 2018 at the Piis Elementary School with the theme “Share the Love to Bring Joy”. Read More
    Chemrez joins Philbeauty 2018 Chemrez Technologies, Inc., joined PhilBeauty 2018, the country’s largest international beauty trade show, as a major exhibitor of green materials. Read More
    Chemrez participates in 1st World Coconut Congress Chemrez Technologies, Inc. joined the 1st World Coconut Congress (WCC) 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Read More
    DNL units lead ‘green chemistry’ using coconut-derived products Units of listed chemical firm D&L Industries Inc. (DNL) said they will lead the way toward what they called “green chemistry,” mainly tapping coconut oil, which is called the healthiest oil in the world. Read More

    Justine Marni Peco, Marketing Services Associate

    I enjoy my day-to-day tasks because I find the work here to be simply interesting, there is so much to learn. Everyday I go to work and feel valued and appreciated.

    Our employees are dedicated to meeting customer’s expectations and needs by providing them the best value from our products and services.

    Learn about what you can do as part of the Chemrez team from those who are vital part of it, here.

    Process Engineer

    Production Engineer (Process Engineer) would be responsible for implementation of production processes and procedures, leading productivity improvements with project based activities, including new product introduction and manufacturing cell design to reduce waste, improve quality and safety, and reduce operating costs.
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    Packaging Engineer

    The Packaging Engineer designs, tests, and implements packaging designs that are an integral part of the organization’s Product Development process. The incumbent also review and improve existing packaging designs.
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    Product Representative

    The Product Representative will work closely with customers and their regional sales team to grow and promote the sale of Chemrez products. The incumbent would be the first line of contact with all new customers and along with the sales team, will establish and maintain long-term business relationships with new and current customer base.
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    Accounting Associate

    The Accounting Associate will obtain financial data for use in maintaining accounting records and performs bookkeeping functions in a manufacturing environment.  
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    Marketing Service Associate

    The Marketing Assistant assists the Product/Marketing Manager in formulating and executing marketing plans for assigned products/categories designed to achieve company sales, units and profit objectives.
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