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    NMPA: Safeguarding Beauty and Personal Care The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) is a regulatory authority in China that ensures the safety, efficacy, and quality of medical products, including those in the beauty and personal care industry. Chemrez, a trusted provider of clean and sustainable ingredients, proudly lists its products with the NMPA. This certification guarantees that Chemrez’s products, which are […] Read More
    Savonel 874: A Green, Safe & Eco-friendly Surfactant for Household Cleaning Products Savonel® 874 is an anionic surfactant that is an excellent cleaning active for home care applications. It is coconut-derived and safe to use in rinse-off products. It also provides good foaming ability, color protection on clothes, and stain removal. Read More
    Post Pandemic: On-the-go Travel Essentials Formulations (Video) Create easy formulations using Cocopure SP501, also known as "Cocolatum". With its extra moisturizing property, this versatile ingredient is best used as a formulation base for skin care and cosmetic products. Cocolatum is completely petroleum and palm-free and is guaranteed made with sustainable ingredients. Read More
    Mild, Safe and Versatile Surfactant | Fil-oxide 100 Fil-Oxide 100 is an amphoteric surfactant that can be used for both personal and home care products. It is coconut-derived and safe to use in rinse-off products. Cocamidopropylamine Oxide has shown low toxicity with animals and suggests no carcinogenic potential. Read More
    Natural & Sustainable Moisturizing Butter | Cerin® CB100 Cerin® CB100 or Coconut Butter is the natural emollient derived from coconut that addresses formulators’ concerns. With a rich and soothing texture, coconut butter is light in color and leaves no coconut smell and non-greasy feel. It will not affect the properties of lotion and cream products, allowing formulators to have more flexibility in formulating. Read More
    Natural Emollient and Excellent UV Filter Solubilizer | Cocopure® EMOL 500 Cocopure® EMOL 500 is an ECOCERT ingredient derived from sustainable coconut. It can effectively disperse and suspend organic UV Filters, which is an essential step in formulating sunscreens. Read More
    Mild, Natural and Sustainable Rinse-off Formulations with SAVONEL 869 A vast improvement from most rinse-off formulations, SAVONEL 869 with its excellent cleansing and moisturizing ability is a notch above the rest with its COSMOS-certified and sustainable ingredients that ensure the protection of the environment. Read More
    We Build and They Will Come Begin with a superior product.  Develop a vision for the future.  Be resilient, so as to weather the ups and downs of a changing market.  Be there first when a new opportunity opens up.  This is the formula by which Dean & Leon live by.  This is the maxim by which Chemrez thrives to this day. Read More
    Our Passion for Innovation Creating new, customized and relevant products for our clients does not happen overnight. This is something everyone at Chemrez understands and takes to heart. Read More
    Chemrez and PCA hold outreach activity for Lucban school kids Chemrez Technologies, Inc., in partnership with the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)-Quezon 1 office, held an outreach activity last December 2018 at the Piis Elementary School with the theme “Share the Love to Bring Joy”. Read More
    Chemrez joins Philbeauty 2018 Chemrez Technologies, Inc., joined PhilBeauty 2018, the country’s largest international beauty trade show, as a major exhibitor of green materials. Read More
    Chemrez participates in 1st World Coconut Congress Chemrez Technologies, Inc. joined the 1st World Coconut Congress (WCC) 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Read More
    DNL units lead ‘green chemistry’ using coconut-derived products Units of listed chemical firm D&L Industries Inc. (DNL) said they will lead the way toward what they called “green chemistry,” mainly tapping coconut oil, which is called the healthiest oil in the world. Read More